Portrait Details

We really like to do portraits!

Portraits are my favorite photographs.

The portraits we create usually fall into four categories. My portrait experience is mostly with ladies, families, couples and children. I’m not afraid of single shoots with men, but there is not a major call for men’s portraits, other than for business profiles and headshots.

For women, we are mainly after the Elegant look, but also have a lot of fun with themes. We will discuss themes shortly, but for now it’s elegance. Classy wardrobe, well done make-up, carefully done lighting, and the right location. We have a fabulous and private studio with room to relax if you prefer. Photographs are professionally taken and retouched only as needed or as you request. We are highly experienced with retouching photographs to provide the look you desire.

Our wardrobe room consists of more than 200 gowns and dresses of all sizes along with other accessories. Of course you are welcome to bring your own and dress as you wish.

If you have any questions about wardrobe, please call me at 419-654-7789.

As you review our Themes gallery, you will see some of the themes we have done. The “go to” model has been Katie. Katie and I will plan a theme and Katie is excellent at creating her own outfits. You can do the same. Decide who you want to be and let me know. We will work to set up the studio or find a location that fits your theme.

Your idea. Our skills. Let get it done together.

Young Ones and Families & More are really a lot of fun. Infants, toddlers and young childern pass through phases of growth very quickly and we feel it’s important to capture those phases as often as possible. Whether a casual photoshoot or a theme style photoshoot, we realize it does take patience and we usally are able to do what it takes. Sometimes children (and spouses) don’t like to cooperate. Give us the opprtunity. Let’s see what we can do for you.

And let’s not overlook Legacy photos as a great way to honor those who have had a positive effect on your life. Honor them with a professional portrait photograph. And we will put it on canvas for you.

As with all our projects for the past 27 years, we guarantee you are a satisfied client or we will not ask for payment.

Pricing for shooting portraits is located here. If you have something that does no fit these package deals, give me a call at 419-654-7789.