Commercial Details

We like to help businesses succeed.
Professional photographs are part of this success.

Commercial photography has a simple definition. It is when a business needs photographs that need to be professionally taken to capture a product or people. This means they must be of the highest quality with importance place on detail, lighting and shooting environment. These photographs include items such as food, manufactured products, equipment, groups of people, headshots, buildings, training processes, or aerial photographs. Many of the photographs will be used as Ad Photos.

Not all places need high-quality Real Estate photographs, but when you do need them, a professional experienced photographer is necessary. Our experience with real estate photographs is essential and will provide you with quality shots, both indoor and outside.

Our experience in these areas will provide you with the image you are hoping to get.

Our rate is $100 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour. Travel time may be additional in location beyond our normal radius. Video is quoted on an “as needed” basis.

For any questions, please me at 419-654-7789 – John Klein